Washing the Floor

This afternoon, the boys and I gave the floor a much needed washing.  They were delighted that I allowed them to help me with this too.  I have yet to find the perfect floor washing mop. To be honest, I have not really looked, but whenever I wash the floor, I think I must ask others about what they use and like.  As you can see from my pictures, I have two different kinds of mops, both of which I don’t really like, but they were given to me, so that is what I have been using.  I prefer and use the red one.  I can scrub the floor better, but what I don’t like about it is the "pad" (sorry, I not sure what to call it).  I have to snap the "pad" on and off whenever I need to rise it out.  The other is a bee mop, which I was using all the time until I was given the red one.  Now just the children use it, because it is easier for them.  There is no snapping or unsnapping. 

Our 5 1/2 yr old

Almost 3 yr old

So here comes my question.
What do you like to use when washing the floor? 
Please share away!!  Thanks!!

I had to add in these pictures, after the floor washing, I suggusted they make a train with the dining room chairs.  They quickly set to work and they are still having fun.

14 thoughts on “Washing the Floor

  1. My favorite mop is the wonder mop(www.wondermop.com). I have tried several and they just don't do the trick. It always gets in every nook and cranny. I paid $8 for my wonder mop at Wal-mart, and the good news is you can take the mopping head off and throw it in the washer. Once it get unusable, which is about once a year, you can buy a new head for around $5. You can go to their website and it will tell you where to buy it.

  2. But since I stopped shopping at Walmart YEARS ago, I just buy it at the grocery store.

    When I have time, and really want to give the floor a good scrub, I simply get down on my hands and knees. Not too often since years of sports and cheerleading from my school days have ruined my knees :-(. but I wouldn't have traded it for the world!

    I do have a similiar "mop" a Swiffer. I use to clean the bathroom (all the hair and dirt) before mopping.

  3. I just finished washing my floors! I use Sh-mop. I find it very easy to use and from how dirty the covers sometimes get, I know it's doing a good job, not just smearing the dirt all over. I bought it after hearing Crystal from Homestead Happenings used it. I especially like that you can throw the covers in the washing machine and reuse them over and over again. I bought a dozen covers and use two each time I mop.

  4. I use a microfiber mop from Don Aslett, the cleaning guy on the shopping channel. It comes with a number of flat, microfiber heads that remove for cleaning. I really like it! It does a great job of cleaning the floor. Yes, you have to remove the pad a few times while cleaning and rinse it out, but I don't mind doing that for a really clean floor.:)

  5. Thanks! I'll have to look into those. I don't mind if I have to remove the pad, but I find the snaps are harder to do and my girls have a harder time with it too. So I'm looking for what is out there and what others like. πŸ™‚

  6. In my laundry room. Mine shows every speck of dirt and I am so thankful that it isn't in my kitchen. I can see why a good mop is so vital, I bet you need to mop constantly! You are a strong woman…you go girl!

  7. We had trouble finding a mop I like too. What we do is use a mop that we bought and disliked and us it to push around a good sturdy terry cloth rag. It works well and saves our knees. I amy have to check out the wonder mop! i also have a Microfiber dust mop for the hardwoods and lamanite.

  8. a bucket and a rag :). Lee uses a mop but I find I do a better job if I can really use my elbows :). My mom used to make me mop the floor with a rag and I wondered why we couldn't just buy a mop. Now, I have a mop and still I use a rag :).
    I can't wait to find out if Andrew is getting a little brother to play boy games with, like playing train, or a little sister to "defend" :).

  9. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I'm still using my old mop, I really must see if I can get a better one, or just start washing the floor by hand with a rag… πŸ™‚ Sounds like something my children would have fun doing, at least at first! LOL

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