For My Friend!

This post is for my dear friend, Shelby – Treasurekeeper

   We were blessed to meet in 2007, here is a post I wrote way back then. 

She sent this little dress for our baby girl and I’m now finally getting some pics posted.

All of these pictures, except for the last one, were taken on July 5.  She turned 9 months that day.

This was taken about a month ago.  Mama and baby…

Shelby, you are a dear friend!!

For my other visitors , please vist  Shelby’s Blog, they were recently blessed with a new baby girl! 

God is good!!

4 thoughts on “For My Friend!

  1. Thank you so much, Tanya :). It really made my day the other day when I came over to see this after your note on my blog. It has been really rough here the last several days. We've had nursing issues and other things going on so it was such a blessing to find that I was being thought of :). Your little girl is so adorable and it was such fun to see the pictures :). And your such a sweet looking mother too :).

  2. Hi there~
    I came over from Rachels blog…..
    Your very blessed and your baby is cute. I love those smocked dresses.
    I'm the mom of 6 kiddos. 4boy then 2 girls. My youngest just turned one.
    Come say Hi sometime.

    Peace in Christ,

    PS When do you move into your new house? It looks really cool,how many square feet is it?

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