Labor meme

I saw this posted on a couple of friends blogs, so I thought I would fill it in too. I know I’m late to do this, (this was posted on labor day, Sept. 1)  but it was still fun! It was first posted by Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer

How long were your labors?
#1 –  about 10 hours
#2 – 5 hours
#3 – 3 hours
#4 –  3-4  hours
#5 – 5 hours – but very easy labor, just delivery was my hardest!

How did you know you were in labor? 

#1 – bloody show – contractions started right after my trip to the bathroom
#2 – bloddy show
– contractions started right after my trip to the bathroom
#3 – contractions, I knew I would be in labor soon, since I had a bloody show the day before
#4 – contractions
#5 – contractions

Where did you deliver?

#1 local small hospital

#2 same hospital as # 1 & same room

#3 same hosptial as #1 & 2 & same room

#4 another local small hospital

#5 same as #4, but in a different room



Who delivered?

#1 – Wonderful female doctor

#2 – same as first

#3 – another female doctor, but my other doctor was present too

 #4 – midwives

#5 – midwives – same a #4, plus a student midwife


Just for fun my babies weights

#1 – 7lb 7oz

#2 – 8lb 9.5 oz

#3 – 7lb 11oz

#4 – 8lb 3oz

#5 – 10lb 3oz

Anyway, that is that! 

3 thoughts on “Labor meme

  1. My two deliveries were so completely different, it is amazing to me still. Our first baby weighed 8lb 9oz and yet labor and delivery was only 10 hours and not too bad. Everything progressed as it should and we were blessed with a beautiful son. Our daughter was an entirely different story. She was much smaller at 7lb 1oz, but labor went on for over 24 hours and was so much more painful. She was an undiagnosed breech and born feet first(ouch!). I had no drugs with either delivery. I had 72 stitches as opposed to the 3 or 4 I had the first time. It was definitely a delivery to remember and my last. I was not able to have more children after our precious daughter was born. We are just thankful for the blessings we have and know it is all in the Lord's will.:)
    Thanks for sharing your births with us!

  2. I had fun doing it. One day I must write out our first 3 births. 🙂 Shelby, I will have to check out your blog and see if you posted your birth story yet….. 🙂

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