Making Salsa

One of the things we did today was make salsa!  We have been blessed with a good crop of tomatoes, peppers and onions.  My parents planted roma’s and I have another heritage kind of tomato. (Sorry right now I can’t think of their name)  Mine are not ripe yet, seem to be taking their time, but my mom let me have some hampers of romas.  So after school today, the children and I tackled the salsa making job!  I really like this recipe!  Today’s salsa is turned out HOT!  I’ll have to make the next batch mild for the little ones, but I think Dh and I will really enjoy this hot batch!

Picante Salsa

4 12/ lbs      ripe tomatoes (peeled)
3                   canned whole gr. chillies
1                   large spanish onion
1                   large gr. pepper
1                   medium red pepper
3-6               canned whole jalapeno pepper – see note       
5 1/2 oz       tomato paste
3/4c.            vinegar  ( I use apple cider vinegar)
1/4 c.           brown. sugar
1 T.              pickling salt
2 t.               paprika
2                  garlic cloves crushed or 1/2 t. garlic powder

Combine all ingreds. Bring to boil, uncovered over medium heat and boil gently for 60 minutes.  Stirring occasionally.  Boil until thicken to desired consistency.  Close to end of cooking taste to see if you have reached the desired hotness.  Fill jars/seal and can for 10 minutes.

Today I made up 4 recipes at once.  I added one can of gr. chillies and 12 (garden fresh) red chillies.

My little helpers washing the tomatoes

and then peeling them.

Tomatoes blanching –  do this just for about a minute or less, then the skins come of real easy.

Tomatoes, peppers and onions

Adding the tomato paste….

and peeling the garlic

All ingreds now added!
Here I am filling the jars.

The finished product!

My older girls helped by cutting up the peppers, but I forgot to take a picture of them.  My boys wanted to be my helpers, so I had them do as much as they could.  They really enjoyed it!  I was a first stressing about how much mess, but I just kept reminding myself that when this is all done, I can clean the kitchen.  In the mean time, let the boys help and make wonderful memories as well.  As it turned out, they were pretty good and I don’t think the kitchen is in worse shape either!

I had many interruptions, but I can honesty say we had a good day and got lots done. 

Here is baby girl!  She was content to crawl around on the floor for awhile when she wasn’t napping.  She thought this bottle was interesting and fun to play with!

8 thoughts on “Making Salsa

  1. Oh I really enjoyed your Salsa making pics! I am wanting to can some, the recipe that you have posted, is it the for the mild or hot. I'd love the recipe for the more mild one.
    In His Grip,

  2. To make it mild, just add less hot peppers. I just made another batch of salsa yesterday and just added about 10 chillis (again I made 4 recipes) and didn't add any jalapenos. Just add a few at a time and taste it for hotness. Add more until you have reached the desired hotness. The batch I just made is not to hot and the children just love it. They say it is my best yet! LOL 🙂

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