My Kitchen This Evening

Here is a being real post.    I just finished cleaning the kitchen, it was a mess and the floor was so dirty.  It was a busy day with errands and then going out to the new house.  I was feeling tired, but I didn’t want to have to tackle the mess in the morning, so I set to work and it looks wonderful now!  I don’t think I have seen the counters all week…. 

So here are some before pictures…. 

After pictures….    (In the white towel is yogurt in the"works".)

Now I can go to bed and rest well.  Tomorrow is another busy day; I need to bake bread, muffins, and a casserole for Sabbath, plus I have a house to get ready for Sabbath as well.  Some of the cleaning, we were able to do today, so tomorrow’s work should be a little lighter.  We will also do school too.  Anyway, I’m happy that I have a clean kitchen to start out with.  Maybe I can keep it clean and do the baking at the same time.  Wishful thinking, I think, but it was a nice idea.  I’ll have to update tomorrow evening on how it all went.

So that was a "making my home a haven" evening!

8 thoughts on “My Kitchen This Evening

  1. Making yogurt is quite simple. All I do is heat the milk just until the milk starts to rise. Then I sit it down in a sink of cold water and let it cool, just until I can hold my finger in it for 10 seconds. Add the culture (right now I have yogurt culture, but if i don't have that, I use plain yogurt – a couple of spoonfuls) Stir in well and pour into a glass bowl that has a lid. I use a crock pot dish. Wrap in towel and let sit all day or all night on your counter. We do use whole milk, so I'm not sure how it works with milk from the store.

  2. I have been "lurking" at your blog for a couple of months now.. You have the most beautiful kitchen. !
    the layout seems to been great from the pictures… I am envious !


  3. My whole house looks like your before pictures right now ;). I had bought everything to make crock pot yogurt for the first time before Abbi was born and then I realized I couldn't tie up the crock pot overnight until after she was born, so I still haven't made any (the midwife needed it during the birth for warm clothes). I'm looking forward to trying soon :).
    Lee took Bri out for her birthday this afternoon so I'm home with the four littlest without either one of my right arms! It's been interesting ;).

  4. Well, Shelby, my house would be looking the same if I had a newborn in the house! 🙂

    I have heard of making crockpot yogurt, I just have not ever tried making it that way. I hope your afternoon went ok!

  5. My kitchen counters have a chronic tendency to attract "stuff". I'd be embarrassed to tell you how often my counters are hidden under all the stuff that's collected on them! You do have a beautiful kitchen! Neat that you make your own yogurt. That's something I've not tried, my mom used to do it though.


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