My First Swimsuit

This week, I sewed up a swimsuit for our oldest daughter.  To be honest, I was sort of dreading this, but I was pleasantly surprised on how easily this sewed up.  I was amazed and thrilled.  I know I’ll need to sew up many swimsuits as the years go by, so I’m thrilled that it was easy and not something I would need to dread.  LOL  This is the very first swimsuit I sewed up and I have some changes in mind, but this will work great for the girl’s swimming lessons.  I think that for the summer swimming at the lake, I would make the skirt a bit longer.

Swimming lessons were going to start yesterday (Sept. 18) and I didn’t really start to sew the suit up until Wednesday evening.  Talk about leaving it to the last minute!  I had the top done and the skirt was almost done, I just needed to measure S.’s waist for the elastic.  Yesterday morning, I finished the skirt and had S. try it on.  The top was a little on the small size, but it still would work until I sewed up a larger top.   Then as it turned out swimming lessons had to be cancel because the pool was experiencing power troubles.  All that rushing for nothing!       Next week, I hope to sew up a swimsuit for R. and a new top for S.  Also swimming lessons are to start next week…

I’m pleased to have learned that sewing with swimming suit material is not at all difficult! 

The pattern I bought from  Fashionably Modest Patterns

6 thoughts on “My First Swimsuit

  1. That looks great! I've always been nuervous about sewing swimsuits too. Good to know that it's not too difficult! Great job!!:)

  2. What a lovely swimsuit! I ordered mine through, but their prices are so high and it doesn't really fit that well. I will check out the patterns! Where did you find such beautiful swim fabric? I really like that it is feminine and not loud, like most are. Great Job! Don't you just love when sewing comes out good?!

  3. Thanks! I was really pleased with it too. 🙂 It is so fast to sew up! Last week I sewed up one for Rebecca. 🙂

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