House Building Update #9 :)

Here is another house update. 

I think all of the windows, but three are in.  All the doors are in, except the large garage door. 

Here is a picture to show the lovely roof!  All shingled, except for a tiny area above the schoolroom.  That area will be finished when the bricking/stone is done.  No windows or doors in place yet.

Now some windows are in and the front door.  The front porch was also framed, ready to have the cement floor poured.

Porch done, this was just done last Friday. 

Welcome to our humble abode…

Inside plumbing is being done and we hope to have the bricking and stone start in about 2 weeks. Life is busy when you are building or having a house built!

7 thoughts on “House Building Update #9 :)

  1. It's just lovely! How blessed you are! Do you have a completion date yet? You must be so excited about moving into your new home.:)
    Your little one is getting so big!

  2. That is so exciting! I love seeing the progress on your blog. Are you guys going to be able to move in before the winter sets in? Are you going to take your time moving stuff over, or try to get it all done as soon as you can? Blessings!

    Mama J.

  3. What a blessing! Wow, so much love has gone into planning this house! It looks like the 'perfect' earthly home. I love that you have a school room and such a wide lovely front porch – both requirements for me if we could ever build! What a nice time to build as well. Blessings to you!

  4. We are indeed blessed. So much has happened since I wrote this update!

    I'm behind in commenting here…. 🙂

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