Where I Have Been Today

Well, maybe I should have titled this post “Where I have Been Lately.” 

All, I can say is we have been having busy, busy days….

Anyway, this is where I am right now, making order to this kitchen. 

Today, we made tomato soup!  It is so delicious too.  I’ll share more about that later, because right now I’m going to tackle the kitchen. 

4 thoughts on “Where I Have Been Today

  1. Are those apples or pears in the background? I think that a kitchen with that many full jars as you have derserves a mess! Good job! -Martha

  2. It is pears. Sitting on the counter is about 30 quarts of pears, 19 quarts of tomato soup and 14 pints of salsa. 🙂

    Yes, it is worth the mess…. It actually didn't take me long to clean up. Today the children and I will bring the jars down to the cold storage.

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