I’ve been sick….

Yes, sickness came for a visit already last week, starting with our oldest daughter, then our second daughter got sick, followed by baby and me.   As for the boys, B. has it worse, than N., but neither spent the day lying on the couch, but then maybe that is to much to ask for two active boys!   This illness includes coughs, stuffy noses and low grade fever and loss of voice.  I felt terrible on Sunday, but by Monday I was much better, my voice is still gone, but I feel good.  So I’m thankful about that.  I don’t ever mean to take feeling great for granted, but when you are sick, it feels like you will never feel better again, or you forget how it felt to feel well. 

This past Sunday, what made my day, even though I was feeling so poorly, my oldest daughter was so tender and kept making sure I had what I needed.  She also cleaned up the kitchen, took care of the dishwasher and helped entertain her baby sister who was also recovering from being sick.  It just encouraged me so much!  What a blessing!  The boys were away with daddy working at the new house, so it was wonderful having her to depend on.  Actually both girls were helpful.

So now I’m trying to be a mama with no voice, it is challenging, to say the least.  Any bit of noise and the children can’t even hear me trying to settle them done.  At least I don’t have to worry about yelling at them, because I can’t!!  I must say, it was pretty quiet here last week, when the girl’s voices were gone….  So far the boys have theirs…  Anyway, we are on the mend and we look forward to having healthy days again!

On Friday, I should have bake bread, but the day was slipping by and I had some other things I really wanted to do instead, so I told myself, I will bake bread on Sunday.  We will be ok, since we were suppose to be out all day Sabbath anyways.  Well, you know the story, I ended up starting to feel sick on Sabbath, baby was feeling her worst Sabbath night and then on Sunday I felt my worst.  So my poor family were without bread.  Thankfully I could call my mom and she picked up a couple of loaves from the store for us.  So I learned never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, for you never know what tomorrow may bring.

Today, the smell of baking bread blessed our home!

Do not boast about tomorrow,
for you do not know what a day may bring forth.
 Pro. 27:1

4 thoughts on “I’ve been sick….

  1. Oh, it sure is rough to be sick when you're the Mommy. It seems like everyone else can be sick…but not the Mama. Having daughters during illness is the most wonderful blessing. Sons care too, but not the same way daughters do. Must be the maternal instinct coming out.:)
    We have all had flu shots, so I hope we will be somewhat protected from any serious illness this winter. Crossing my fingers and saying my prayers.:)

  2. Hi Tanya!

    I'm glad you're getting over your illness! We've had several illnesses already this year, and it seems like both times I got it worse than the children (which I would prefer, as I can't stand to see them sick). It does make it harder to take care of everything.

    Hope you have a nice day!

  3. We are all better now, although our toddler still has a bit of cough sometimes. My nose just stopped running too. This hung on for a long time. 🙂

    About the yelling, I hate to admit that sometimes I do… It is something I have been really working on. Praise the Lord for His help!

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