Seasons At Home

I have been receiving Seasons At Home magazine this past year and I have really enjoyed it!!

And here is why I’m telling you about this. 
They are having Fall specials starting on November 14th!

We are putting together 12 days of freebies
reminiscent of our print magazine. The downloads are meant to give
the reader an idea of what we publish. Thanksgiving and Christmas
ideas are included, from Holiday sewing to giving a Holiday tea, Holiday menu ideas, sweet treat ideas, Holiday bread making, traditions and more.

One download will be available each day for 12 days starting Friday, November 14th and lasting until the day before Thanksgiving.  Please tell your friends to stop by Joyous Home and grab their gift of the day!  Nothing is required, no newsletter sign up or cart checkout.  We want this to bless our recipients and it is our gift to our visitors!

For our newsletter subscribers (but we don’t mind if you share this coupon!), we have a special coupon for our 2009 issues!  Renew or subscribe for the first time now for $29.00 using the couponRN09sea

The above was copied from their latest email. 

Now more from me….
Also they started a Quilting with Seasons last August and each month they have provided a new block with complete instructions.  The monthly fee is $5.00, but I just wanted to say I have had a lot of fun doing this with them!  I’ll have to post pictures of the block squares I have done so far. I have l learned so much!

You will be given access to the membership area with your coupon code and able to sign up right in your trial account if you want. (No credit card is needed to obtain the free block.)   This membership sample expires in 2 weeks!  Just enter the coupon at the bottom of the sign-up page.  When you hit continue you can go to login and you will be in.  Download your block and enjoy.  Stop by the forum and say hello or ask questions!  You may sign back anytime within the two weeks to purchase the block membership and purchase individual blocks when ready.  Here is your coupon:  E74BB
Again the above was copied from their latest email.

Just wanted to share that with you, my friends!  I hope you can enjoy it too!

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