House Building Update #13 :) *updated*

Today we are having an electrical inspection done!  The house is not completely wired, but the whole upstairs is done and a lot of the main level.   

I’ll update later with how it goes! 

Here I are few pictures I thought I would share with you. 

Just some wire… 

Part of the upstairs, it is a mess, but that is how it looks right now.  The opening in the floor is where the stairs will be coming up.  Right now we have temporary stairs coming up the other side.

The boys standing in there room, as you can see some insulation is in.

I’ll be doing another house update this evening and I realized I have some other pictures I can share with you too, like new stairs etc…  


Well the inspection was done today and just a few little things need to be changed!  We are encouraged and things are moving along.  There are a number of things that we hope to finish up and then we can start the drywalling!  I do hope to post a few other pictures soon.    Anyway, just had to share!!

3 thoughts on “House Building Update #13 :) *updated*

  1. Wow, it is coming along. I finally I have a pregnancy update on my blog. I will also be posting another today as soon as I hear from center. Thank you for your support. Blessings Delilah

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