House Building Update #14 :)

Things are moving along on the new house.  My husband has been busy, even with an injury.  It will be two weeks tomorrow since he slipped and fell while helping carry a one piece surround bathtub.  It was a serious injury, but our chiropractor is confident that my husband will recover well.  He suffered a pulled muscle (groin pull).  My dear husband was in a lot of pain, but praise God it is healing and is not so bad now.  It still is very tender and sore, but healing is happening.  We are also thankful to have help.  Praise God for that, otherwise, we would still be wiring the first room!   I have seen God’s Hand working so often during this time of our house building experience.  He is faithful and always good!

Two precious boys trying out the new basement stairs.

Temporary stairs going upstairs, no more climbing ladders!

 A sweet girl (mismatched mittens and all) in the one of the new bathtubs, she was not so sure what to think. 

Insulation and vapour barrier, plus children staying warm in front of the heater. 

Ready for drywall!

 A large stack of drywall!
The first bricks…  it’s a long story, but this is as far as the bricking has gotten so far.  Bricking will be starting again on Monday.  It will be exciting to see it go up! 

The plan right now is to start drywalling the upstairs tomorrow.  Then the feel of the upstairs will really change.  My dear husband is going to be working on finishing the wiring on the main level.  We are encouraged to see the house coming along, but it is amazing on how much work goes into building a new house!  We have learned so much and it has been a great experience for our children to see.  Have you ever thought of how much is hidden in the walls? 

So much has happened since I first posted this post

"Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain."  Psalm 127:1

4 thoughts on “House Building Update #14 :)

  1. Yes, it will be fun to look back through the pictures in the years to come. I'm planning to scrapbook them. đŸ™‚ Should be fun!

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