Rag Quilting

Tonight our toddler is sleeping under a new blanket made just for him!  This is my second rag quilt to sew up and I quite enjoyed it!  The first rag quilt I ever saw was in a local fabric store, I commented to my mom, who was with me at the time, that it looked like it was fun and easy to sew up.   Then when my summer issue of Seasons At Home arrived, I saw it again and there were instructions on how to make one.  So I bought some flannel and sewed one up for baby.  It was not as big as the one in Seasons at Home, because I did not have enough flannel, but it is perfect for her and she loves it!  It is our cuddling blanket!  Anyway, recently I bought more flannel when it was on sale and made one for our toddler.  He is thrilled to have one just like baby sister.

 Here it is all cut out and placed in the pattern I wanted.  Plus some children peeking out from under the table…

B. peeking at his new blanket

All done and a very happy little boy!

I am very pleased with this and the next will be one for our 5 yr old son.  The older girls would like one too, but I think it will be a perfect project for them to practice their sewing on.  Now we have to see if we can buy some more flannel when it is on sale. 

Here is baby and toddler under baby’s rag quilt. Aren’t they just the sweetest?!?!?  Just wants to make me smile!   

7 thoughts on “Rag Quilting

  1. You did a great job! Both of your quilts look so nice! It really makes me want to make one. 🙂 I have cut out a denim/flannel quilt for my little boy, but I haven't finished cutting all the squares out yet. I'm just planning to tie it.

    By the way, I mailed your package today. 🙂

    Blessings to you,

  2. Tanya you are such a wonderful momy . It such a blessing to watch and learn all the stuff you are doing . Thankyou so much for sharing !

  3. What a great treasure….the kids will always have.
    I do a little quiltting. I only did one rag quilt and 4 other pacth work ones. I should post them so you can see.


  4. Thank you for the link for the magazine. It looks like a fantastic magazine! I think it would be perfect for our home. Thanks again for sharing,
    Blessings and Merry Christmas!


  5. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments.

    I don't have a pattern, except the one in my Seasons at Home magazine. But just google rag quilts and there are so many patterns out there! Mine is just a simple rag quilt made up of 3 layers per block.

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