More Rag Quilts

We have been sewing up rag quilts around here.  All five of our children have their very own rag quilt now.    The two older girls sewed up their own and I sewed up the ones for younger ones.  I have enjoyed sewing them too.  They are so nice and cozy, baby just loves hers!

Like I mentioned in this post, I got the idea and instructions from Seasons At Home, summer issue.  What makes these quilts neat, is that the seams are on the top, so after you sew it all together, you clip the seams every 1/4 inch, then wash and dry it  which then gives it the ruffled look.

Here is S. sewing on her quilt.  We have a sewing class for a number of girls in our circle of friends, the last project we did was a rag quilt, all the girls had a very enjoyable time.
R. sewing on her quilt with the help of Oma (Grandma)

I think she would like to give sewing a try!

Our  finished quilts.  Our three year old did not want to be in the picture,
so baby is sitting on his quilt, which is folded in half.

7 thoughts on “More Rag Quilts

  1. Those are sooo neat Tanya! I guess if your girls can do it I could probably make a go at it :). I love the picture of them with their blankets! They are all getting so big! Boy does time fly, huh :(?
    I just spent some time on the Joyous Home website, it is really neat :)!

  2. They are very easy to do, just google rag quilting and you can find instructions. So fast and easy to sew. Fun too!

  3. You do such wonderful things with your Kids, keep up the good work.. What a blessing to be able to show are kids all we know. Family is the best.
    Shelley Speers ontario, Canada

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