Musings While Cleaning A Messy Kitchen

After lunch today I tackled our messy kitchen.  On went the apron and on went some music and away I went to work.   While I washed the dishes and wipe the counters and stove, I thought of how much of my time is spent with cleaning, washing, cleaning and washing.  I almost had the thought that I don’t have time for anything else!  Why is it, that our home gets untidy so quickly??  I had plans of scrapbooking this afternoon, but I knew I couldn’t relax and do that, while the house was so messy and the counters stacked with dishes.  I then realized that yes, I do spend a lot of time working here around the home, trying to keep it clean and tidy for my family.  My children help where they can, but it is me who has to stay on top of it and them.  LOL   Another thought I had was that before I know it, my children will be bigger/grown up and then I will be faced with different challenges.  

No more little feet running around, not caring that there are toys scattered all over the place.  They are just content and so carefree.  It will be then, that I will be longing for these days I’m in now.  I really don’t want them to grow up, so I am going to be content and treasure each and every day, mess included.  I did end up spending about one and a half hours scrapbooking after I finished in the kitchen, so I do have moments for other projects, but most important for me right now is to be the wife and mommy I’m called to be, for this is my beautiful calling.

So much better!

My husband and three older children were out for the afternoon, so it was "quiet" here. Baby went for a long nap and little boy was happy to play while I cleaned in the kitchen and then he was busy putting together his firetruck puzzle.  After awhile he came and stood by me and watch while I scrapbooked.  He was fascinated with some of my different scissors.    It was a good day and I’m content…. 

12 thoughts on “Musings While Cleaning A Messy Kitchen

  1. I fell like that all the time!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure everyone helps a bit but it's mostly on my shoulders! I guess this is just something us mothers do:)

  2. I know what you mean! My children are a big help, but they always need to be reminded…. and of course a lot of it does rest on me. I'm not complaining… πŸ™‚

  3. Isn't it amazing how quickly you end up back at square one? I am thankful for having little children to make the messes though ;). Good music always helps me too :).

  4. I would feel dipressed in front of a messy kitchen like that…!!!!!!
    I got into the habit always cleaning and putting things away immediatly…
    When we sit down for a meal the kitchen is tidy. One child will be in charge to put the dishes in the machine and clean up with me and we leave the kitchen clean.
    I prefer to have one child completely in charge at each meal. We used to have a chart up with the names of who helped and wich day, so no arguing.
    Now that they are older, it is much easier… the other day I had the visit of a dear friend just for an evening. I was able to sit and chat while one of my sons was fixing the meal… and kept the place clean, during the preparartion.How nice! (I must say that having an open kitchen has something to do… we cannot "hide" our mess to anyone coming in to our house!!!!

  5. please excuse me if you feel I am judjing the state of your kitchen. It is not what I mean…
    I used to have the same but did not have the strenght to takle it…
    So I got in another habit, many years ago!(perhaps because I am lasy!!!)
    (I am french and my english isn't always good enough to express what I want to say!)

  6. That is ok, as you can see from the picture, I did get it cleaned up and it took less than an hour. πŸ™‚ My children are big helpers, and they do have turns for meals and meal clean up. My kitchen does not always look like that, I usually keep it tidy, but yesterday I had to drop my husband off at the building site (new house) right after breakfast and then do a couple of errands. We came home and I made a quick lunch, so it wasn't until after lunch that I could do a proper clean up in the kitchen. Anyway, I was just sharing my day with you all and the thoughts I had while my hands were in the dishwater. πŸ™‚ If I had a messy kitchen like that every day, I would be depressed too!

  7. Tanya!
    I find it refreshing to know that we all have moments of "catch-up" around our house! During December I posted pictures of my home on one of those days! Thanks for the reminder to look at our littles as a blessing and to enjoy the moments instead of getting caught up in the messes! πŸ™‚ Yea! Scrapbooking! SOUNDS LIKE FUN! I would love to see you post pictures of your pages???!!!! I love seeing others scrapbooks…great for inspiration and ideas!
    God bless!
    Amy at

  8. I agree! When they are all grown and gone, I will long for the days when someone will come over and mess up the kitchen! Sometimes it does feel like I am in the kitchen all day, but that just means that God has provided abundantly for my family! Your before picture certainly made me feel better. I am not the only one who has those days. I still have one little corner to deal with, so I have to finish that up tomorrow.

  9. Thank you so much for your cheerful heart and your positive outlook on mothering and child-rearing! It seems that I get a breath of fresh air every time I visit your blog! Thanks T!

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