House Building Update #16 :) Stone, Brick & More

I decided it was time to do another house building update.

Inside, it is not skeleton anymore!    You can no longer walk through the walls into the next room.  What a change the drywall has made and it is exciting.

Here I’m standing in the breakfast (eating) room and looking over into the kitchen and beyond that you can see into the laundry room on the left and school room on the right.

Here I am again in the breakfast room and what a change from last week! 

In the school room, we had a closet put in. Above the closet there was enough space to make a "loft" for the children to go up and play in.  We plan to have a railing all the way up from the loft floor to the ceiling and there will be a ladder in the closet to go up into it.  I think the children will have many hours of fun up there.  Playing or snuggling up with a pillow, blanket and a favourite book.  The girls are already talking about "camping" up there one night.  This school room and loft is all drywalled and taped too. 

The brick layer has been working on the front of the house…..

and today the tarp came down.  Isn’t it beautiful!  We are really happy with our choice of brick and stone.  When we picked it out, we thought it was going to look beautiful, but of course you can’t really picture it until you see it.

Welcome to our home!  Be prepared the house is a mess inside.  LOL 

I have been feeling excited again about all of this. Before I was excited, but still there was a lot to do, but now we seem to be getting closer to the moving in day.  We have no date set for that, but I’m hoping for March.   I’m looking forward to moving in, planting a garden and settling into a new normal. 

4 thoughts on “House Building Update #16 :) Stone, Brick & More

  1. Me again! Was checking out your new entries! The house is so pretty! How exciting! That is funny that your girls are wanting to camp out in the house! When my family was building their house, my brother and I spent many nights in the unfinished bedrooms, until it was finished ( in late Nov!) It was cold but fun! For a while there were no doors too! Ahh, living in the country!

    Gotta go for now!
    God Bless!
    Edited by fortheirfuture on Jan. 22, 2009 at 2:19 PM

  2. Thanks!

    Yes, I would have loved a loft like that to when I growing up, but you never know you just might find me up there too. 🙂 I picture cozy times up there with blankets and books. 🙂

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