A Special Little Boy

Here is my Wednesday’s walk down memory lane.

On today’s walk down memory lane I thought I would share about our son.  He turned six yesterday, so I wanted to do a little "memory walk" about him.  To start off, we were thrilled when we saw that baby #3 was on the way due Feb. 2, 2003. Since we had two precious little girls I was thinking a boy would be nice, but whatever the Lord was going to bless us with was fine with me.  Our oldest daughter was praying for a little brother; she actually had told me one day that she wanted a baby brother.  I told her she needed to pray and ask the Lord; so she started to pray for a baby brother even before I was pregnant.  Since I heard her sweet little prayer every evening before bed, I was waiting to see what the Lord had in store for your family.  On January 26, 2003 I had signs that labor would be starting very soon, it wasn’t until the next morning around 4:00am that labor started and he was born at 8:36am after a quick, but intense labor.  When we first saw that baby was a boy, I was thrilled.  The Lord had answered a little girl’s prayer! I then mention to those around that our oldest daughter’s prayer had been answered!  God is good!

He was 7lb. 11.5 oz. & 21" long

His name means "given
by God", which was very fitting since his older sister had prayed for a him.

Daddy and his baby son – summer 2003

This was taken around his first birthday, he started walking at 12-13 months

and he loved to put on daddy’s hat.

When N. was just over two, we all took a trip to Europe.
Here we are standing in front of the house in Salzburg, Austria that
Mozart was born in and N. and Mozart share the same birthday! 

(I’ll do a memory walk about our trip to Europe sometime, that is full of great memories!!)

(May 2005)

This was taken on his fourth birthday.
Jan. 27, 2006

As you can see here little brother adores big brother!
Winter 2007/2008

Here he is at 6!
  Getting to be such a big boy!

N. is a loveable little boy and is willing to be a helping hand, of course he has his challenging moments, but he has a tender heart and desires to do what is right. He loves to sing and can sing so many songs by heart, just so sweet to hear! We love him and he is such a special part of our family!
  I’m so blessed to be his mommy. 

I’ll end with a few cute things he has said, the first one is from last summer.

We were all sitting at the table finishing our meal.  My husband gave something to N. and as he did so he said, "This is for my son."   N. quickly replied, "I’m not your sun, the sun is to big to fit in here!"  We all soon realized he was thinking of the sun, not son.
My husband was looking at hats, one of which had a chin strap.  N. then 5 said that he liked it, because "it holds your head in the hat".  I posted about that one here (picture included).

N. (4 at the time) was on a shopping trip with daddy. While at the checkout purchasing a puzzle from our local Christian book store, the clerk mentioned that it would look very fine mounted and laminated. Upon arriving at home, N. proudly displayed his new acquisition to me, and exclaimed "We can even lemonade it!"

He once told me that he was going to need a limousine when he grew up, because he is going to have lots of children.


Please check out Lynnette’s blog for other "walks down memory lane"! 

13 thoughts on “A Special Little Boy

  1. I enjoyed reading about "N". 🙂 What a precious little boy!

    You were able to go to Europe? Wow! That might be worth blogging about too huh? I'd love to here more.

    Tell "N" happy 6th birthday!


  2. Your recollections about your son are simply beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to share and write out a bit of history.


  3. That's such a sweet post. I just love reading about a mother's love for her child. There's nothing sweeter. And I love that your daughter's prayer was answered! I'm sure she will never forget that.

  4. What an adorable boy! Great memories!

    If I have another baby can I get your daughter to pray for it to be a girl? LOL!

    Julie @ Tales of 2 Ts

  5. Aww! Such a sweet little boy! He is adorable, and I loved the quotes from him. 🙂

    You should definitely post sometime about your trip to Europe! Sounds like a great read!

    Have a good day.

  6. Oh, how I loved reading this story and the prayer your daughter said over and over before you were even pregnant! The same thin g happened to a friend of mine – she's had a daughter, then two son's and her daughter was so hoping 'number four' would be a girl – so she prayed and wrote a letter and talked to God… well, sure enough, the family was blessed with a little girl!

    Loved the humorous memories of your son's comments on his world around him – sun/son – so cute!


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