Spring Cleaning – Update :)

I just wanted to update about the new challenge I joined.  This afternoon I tackled my dear husband’s office.  It looks so much better and my husband is happy too.  He has been so busy with the new house and keeping our home business running that his office was a sorry sight.  Now you can see the floor, the shelves are tidy/dusted and one of the desks is cleaned off and wiped down.  The desk that he mainly uses, I was not able to completely clean off, but with a much better atmosphere, I think he will be able to tackle the paperwork on that one.  All the dust bunnies are gone too!  Sorry no pictures to share, but believe me, it looks great. One thing, I didn’t get to was the window, but I’m happy! 
Now I need to read Spring Cleaning for Normal People.

I’m really looking forward to cleaning and decluttering our home, I think it will be a great help to prepare for our soon move. 

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – Update :)

  1. I always anticipated moving because it gave me a chance to purge our belongings. It's such a great feeling! When do you look to move into the new house? Hope all is well with you.

    God bless,

    Mama J.

  2. how timely! I have been tackling some spring cleaning, reorganizing my schedules, and already planning the garden. Glad to see I am not alone or crazy to be working out of season, LOL!

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