Spring Cleaning for Normal People – The Livingroom – update added

This was first posted on Monday, Feb. 2/09

Assignment #2

This week we will tackle the living room, including washing the curtains.  I will be tackling this tomorrow and the day after and maybe the day after that! I know my children can help with this and we will see what change we can make in this room.  I’ll post an update when all is done.  You can read more about this assignment here at Biblical Womanhood.

Can our living room in the new house count?!  The girls and I vacuumed up all drywall dust in there today.  What a job!  

My update

 Yesterday, the boys and I cleaned under the couches and chair in the living room. I also ashed the curtains as well.  I then started on one of the book shelves.  Today I finished the bookshelves and the piano.  It looks so much better now!  You can see our piano top!

Before picture…

After picture…  much, much better!

Now I need to read Spring Cleaning for Normal People
Yes, I know I’m doing things a bit backwards here. 

6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning for Normal People – The Livingroom – update added

  1. I know what you mean, we are always cleaning and tiding up the livingroom, plus, every so often we move the couches and clean under them too. it is amazing how much things can get put unto there. 🙂 So that is what I hope to do over the next few days and plus wash the curtains. 🙂 Edited by Lilyofthevalley4 on Feb. 3, 2009 at 8:26 AM

  2. You must be so much more motivated knowing you are going to move soon!
    Sometimes I play at "lets pretend we are going to move" it helps me a lot!!

  3. I'm working on the upstairs in our house now. We had stuff shoved every imaginable place, since we combined two households. I'm getting rid of a LOT of stuff, and it feels so much better! I finished off the girls room today, vacuuming and all. Now I just have to tackle our room, which is the worst! Your living room looks great! It's a lot of work, but so worth it! Keep it up!

    Mama J.

  4. Now that over a month has past, I can say our piano still looks great! The rest of the living room was a mess this evening, but the children did a good job of cleaning it up. Always something to tidy or clean around here. 🙂

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