Spring Cleaning…. – The Kitchen – Update

My update, you can read Monday’s post here.

So this afternoon, I was finally able to clean the fridge.  It looks wonderful now.  I did not get to the freezer part, but I did the main part and wiped down the door as well.  Now if I can just  keep it this way!!

I have been trying to keep my counters wiped down everyday.  Some days it is harder to keep on top of it, but I do enjoyed walking into a tidy looking kitchen.

Now I need to read Spring Cleaning for Normal People.  I finally have printed the first 28 pages so that I can read it.   

Happy Spring Cleaning!

6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning…. – The Kitchen – Update

  1. I always seem to be fighting a losing battle with my kithcen….and it's the one room that hubby really wants clean. I have been using my crockpot more and have found that I can clean most of the counters before hubby comes home from work so that the kitchen isn't a mess!

    then i just need to get motivated to clean the cabinets and fridge and all those other things that I never have time for!

  2. I really like your house cleanning series! It filled with great ideas!

    How's the new house coming along? It should be ready soon?!

    Peace in Christ,

  3. ourfriutfulharvest.blogspot.com

    I can't remember if I told you that I have a blog award for you? It is the Kreativ Blogger Award! I know not everyone accepts awards but I want to let you know I have enjoyed your blog, and can't remember if I left a message for you on your blog telling you of the award? and if I did, you may not have had my blog address to come and get it!
    If I did leave you a comment about the award and you just chose to decline I opologize! I just had not heard from you and its been a few weeks! And I could not remember( I had to nominate 10 blogs)

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