Two Blog Awards

This award was given to me recently by Georgiann at The Garden Gate.  Thank you for your comments and words of encouragement!! 

I am suppose to give this award out to 10 other people, I’m not to sure who to give this to, so if you are reading this and have a blog, please take the award as well.  Every blog is creative in their own way. 


Here is another award I was given last fall by a dear friend at Finding Joy

Here is what Rachel wrote….
I am also going to give this reward to my friend, lilyofthevalley  She has been a penpal of mine for the last year.  She has a beautiful, gentle spirit.  I always find myself inspired when I read her blog.  Her ability to chronicle life is a gift.  She makes baking bread a noble calling and experience.  Thank you for being such a shining example of a Proverbs 31 woman.
Rachel, thank you for your dear friendship and encouraging comments.  I do look forward to meeting you one day!!
Thank you so much!!

May the Lord abundantly bless you all!

I love hearing from you!!

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