Spring cleaning – Kitchen update

Here I go again, I had this all typed out and then closed the window by accident!

Anyway, I thought I should post my kitchen update for the week.  All I managed to accomplish this week was cleaning out the pantry cupboards.  I had wanted to get some of my other cupboards and drawers done, but that will have to be for next week. 

Another thing I did in the kitchen was to give the stove a good cleaning.  I had needed to self-clean the oven for awhile, but on Wednesday I really needed to do it.  We had baked potatoes for lunch and even though I had poked them, three exploded!      What a mess!   So after the oven cooled, I wiped it down, removed the potato skins, and I set the self clean to work.    I guess there is always a first….  The self-clean did a great job and I now have an almost brand new looking oven once again.  It didn’t really cause any smoke, but the alarm went off three times…  I hope that next time this needs to be done, it will be summer and I can have all the windows open.  At least Wednesday was not to cold of a day, because we did need to open the windows to let out the smell.

The panrty before….

During the cleaning process….  My boys were delighted to help me with this. 
They thought it was great fun!

This looks much better!

So that’s my update for the week.  I need to run and finish making our cinnamon buns.  I’m using my friend Tammy’s recipe and she posted a great post today.  I was encouraged, when we make our children the focus of our day, it does go so much better and I’m still learning in this as well.    Being a mama comes with filled days, but also comes with much joy. 

7 thoughts on “Spring cleaning – Kitchen update

  1. Cool! I'm going to do a bunch of cleaning projects these weekend. Maybe I'll take pictures and post some next week!


  2. Your Cupboard looks great! It always feels good to get things organized.

    Enjoy those buns! 🙂

    God Bless, Kathy @ In My Mothers Garden

  3. Though I wouldn't say the weather here is very spring-like, I've been in the cleaning mood too. I have cleaned out most of the kitchen cupboards and the hall closet so far. Dh is away on a business trip, so I've been skipping a lot of cooking…and cleaning instead.:)


  4. Thanks for your comments. I will be working on the kitchen again this week, since Crystal is catching up this week. 🙂

    Those cinnamon buns were really good!!

    It is not very spring like here either…. But it does feel good to know that things are getting clean and tidy again.

  5. I have never had this happen before with my potatoes and I don't poke holes in them. The only time I poke holes is when I'm baking them in the microwave. Do you wrap your potatoes with foil prior to baking them? If you're concerned about the aluminum touching your food, you might try this method that I've used in the past. Wrap with parchment paper first, then with aluminum foil. If you do this, you will never have to worry about an exploding potato again. 🙂

  6. Debbie, good to "see" you again!

    This is a first for me and I don't plan for it to happen again! LOL

    Thanks for your tips!

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