Our Afternoon

This week has been going really well.  We had a few math struggles on Monday, but the rest has been good.  The girls have started their school without my reminding them and have gotten done in record time.  Not sure of the reason for the change, but I hope it last for a bit.   I am staying on top of correcting their work and have had time to work with our 6 yr old son.  He really enjoys math right now.  We were going through Learning To Read with Christian Light Publications, but it was advancing a bit to fast, so I have put that on hold and been working with finishing up the preschool series with Rod and Staff, using a phonic and math book from Pathway Publishers.    So far so good, he just turned 6, so I’m not to concerned.  Just recently he started to really enjoy working with numbers and adding.  It has been good, but I really need to make sure I spend time with him. 

N. busy at work, with B. watching him. 

My precious boys

After school time the boys went out side to play for a bit.  N. came in and asked me to take a picture of his snow castle.

While the boys were outside and since baby was napping, I was working on my quilt block.  I have been making one quilt block a month since August.  I joined Quilting with Seasons and it has been fun and I have learned a lot.  This block was a bit challenging and I’m so glad it is done.

I was also doing a few loads of laundry today and when I went to put the load of whites into the dryer I saw clothes covered in green ink spots!  This was one of them and I thought the items were ruined.  I then found the small green marker and saw it was washable, so I sorted the wet clothes, put the ones in the dryer that were not "green" and the rest back into the washer.  I took this pink top and ran cold water over it and most came out.  There was still a bit, so I put stainer remover on it and tossed it back into the washer and now it is fine!  No marks at all!!  I’m so relieved, I thought for sure it was all ruined.  This was just the back, the front was covered too and it is such a pretty top!

My finished quilt block!

Our happy baby just after her nap!  She was enjoying a little snack…

Anyway, this was a peek into our afternoon.  The girls were out helping daddy at the new house, so I was here with just the boys and baby.  Made for a quieter afternoon. 

Just for fun here is a picture of my other quilt blocks.

8 thoughts on “Our Afternoon

  1. I love the quilt blocks especially the one with all the burgundy in it!!!! So beautiful……….you know I really gotta plug away at something creative…..it would help me cope I think.
    Your happy baby is adorable and I like her jumper:)

  2. Yes, that one is one of my favourites too! It is the Dec. block. πŸ™‚ Each block colours are suppose to represent what we think of when we think of the month. The top left one is August and then September. Second row – left is November and then October and the middle one is Dec. I just finished the Jan. Block yesterday. It has been fun and when they are all together, they will not exactly match, but it represents a year of colours/seasons.

    We have all enjoy our baby! She brings us such joy! She is almost 17 months…. Edited by Lilyofthevalley4 on Feb. 26, 2009 at 6:37 AM

  3. Hi Tanya!
    I've been working through some school stuff also! I think I was too stressed about doing too much formal type school and my kids are just too young for that…I got a book from the library by the Moores and it has helped me to realize some areas that I am doing too much! I try to take all these books with 'a grain of salt' and just pull out what helps me…but just wanted you to know that I understand school frustrations! We can do it though, right?! With GOD all things are possible! πŸ˜€ I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR QUILT BLOCKS! Wow! I have never done anything complicated…they look wonderful! Great idea to just do a block a month! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your day and sweet pictures of your family!
    Amy from http://www.theviewfromhiddenvalley.blogspot.com

  4. Wow, starting school on their own initiative?! When you figure out how that happened be sure to share πŸ˜‰ heehee…
    I loved the picture of the smiling boys at the table :). They are getting so big!
    I so miss the snow :(…
    What a beautiful quilt block! You are so talented :). I'm attempting a rag quilt for Bethi's birthday, so far so good…of course, I've just started ;)…

  5. I love your quilt blocks! Love the colors you have picked out – it will make a beautiful quilt one day! I love the pictures of your boys – how precious! They warm the soul. Thinking of you, May God Bless you abundantly this new month!

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