Memories From Europe – Part 3 – Salzburg Part A

May 2005

This week will be Part A of our walk in Salzburg, Austria, I have way too many pictures I want to share!

When we arrived at Salzburg, we were not exactly sure where in Salzburg we wanted to stay. But the exit we decided to take was just the place we had wanted to go!  We now again needed to find a place to sleep. So as we were driving down the street we saw a sign for a Pension, we needed to turn around, but the street we took had another Pension sign, which we followed and my husband went in to check it out and got us a very nice family room. The lady there was very nice. Also at the these Pensions breakfast is included, which was nice because we had a good breakfast and then we just needed to think about lunch and supper. What we did mostly was stopped at a small grocery store and bought bread, cheese, jam, peanut butter, fruit and yogurt cups. So that was for the rest of our meals for the day, or we would have one meal at McDonald’s. In Europe all of the McDonald’ss we ate had much better food than here. Here we never eat at McD’s.  Ok, back to the Pension, the lady showed us where we were on a small map she gave us and we were walking distance from old Salzburg, which is right where we had wanted to be! We felt very thankful to God for leading us to where we had wanted to be.  We unloaded our suitcases and than walked to old Salzburg. It was a very beautiful old city. Walking along the old streets and seeing the very old, but beautiful buildings was nice. We have nothing like that here in North America, anyway. 

To begin here is the lovely Pension we found to call "home" while there in Salzburg.  It was our most expensive place to stay at, but is was so close to the old Salzburg that it was worth it all.  Our room was the one at the very top.  Beautiful room and bathroom, plus a lovely view.

Walking to Salzburg, our first glimpse.
A beautiful old Church
My family standing in front of Mozart.  We also toured through Mozart’s birth place.  Neat to see how people lived so long ago.  Our son. N shares the same birthday as Mozart too. 
Mirabell Gardens
Walking along an old street

The last day we were there, we had just come out of an old cemetery and walked a bit and then around the corner. Here we enter a square and there many people had booths set up, selling all kinds of Austrian knickknacks. My husband saw an Austrian hat that he thought he might like to buy, I had been holding N.’s hand, but had let go and was looking at the items there as well. Soon I realized that N. was not beside me, so I started to look for him and saw that he was nowhere around. I told my husband that he was gone and asked the girls if they saw where he went. I told the two ladies at the booth that we had lost our small son as well. I went around calling for him and went up a street asking anyone if they had seem a little boy, hardly anyone could understand me and by this time I’m crying. I can remember tears streaming down my face and me asking if anyone had seen a little boy about so high.  All this time I was praying that He was ok and that we would find him.  It was so scary and I was fearing the worst! In the  meantime, my husband walked back to the cemetery and there was N. standing right where we had been sitting earlier and he was asking for me. When I came back, I saw my husband coming with him and I was so relieved. I took him and hold unto him for a good bit. All this just took a matter of minutes, but it seemed like forever when it happened. I was so thankful we found him, God was watching over him. My husband never did buy the hat, he figured it would just collect dust in our closet, but there was a man selling guitar cds, so he bought on of those instead.  Something for himself from Salzburg! The girls and I got a kerchief.

The cemetery we found N. in.

After our scary experience, we took a ride through old Salzburg in a horse drawn carriage.

The girls saying hi to the horses, Silka and Titan, after our lovely ride.  It was a wonderful way to rest our weary feet and yet see some more sights!
Another view of the old city with the Alps in the background

Here is a place we "could" have stayed at, but when we saw this room we declined!
No, this was taken at  Zoo!!  Everywhere we stayed was lovely and the food was wonderful! In the morning, the first day we were there, we had found a laundry mat and did some laundry and then we went to this large palace like place and right next door was the zoo.  We knew the children would enjoy that and it was neat seeing the animals and enjoy the Alps in the background.  I decided not to share zoo pictures, because I have already shared enough, but when I saw this one, I couldn’t resist it. 

So next week, I will share more pictures from Salzburg and if you have ever seen the "Sound of Music" you will recognize the places, I’ll be showing you.

Please visit Lynnette’s blog for other "walks down memory lane".

10 thoughts on “Memories From Europe – Part 3 – Salzburg Part A

  1. I love hearing about travel adventures and I especially love that you included photos! It is a awful feeling to have a child wander off – glad that you found him quickly.

  2. Once again, I absolutely love looking at your pictures and hearing about your travels! It really looks so beautiful there!

  3. you are incredible finding a place at the last minute! I plan and reserve a few month before we go on the journey!
    we lost one of our daughters in the states for over 20 mn!
    In fact we lost her often after that, but it was the first time she was 2,5. I thought I would not go back to france with out her!!!!!

  4. Well, except for the part where you misplaced your son. You poor thing. I've had a few times like that and the feeling you get is just horrible! So glad he was okay.

    The pictures are, as usual, lovely – and of course I'd love to go and visit there someday.

  5. How terrifying to lose N…even for a few minutes! SO glad you found him quickly!

    What great pics! I remember how McDonald's had really good food in Europe! How crazy is that?!?!

    Julie @ Tales of 2 Ts

  6. The continuing story is so much fun! I love seeing all of the beautiful pictures.

    I know it was very scary to lose your little boy. I am so glad that you found him fairly quickly.

    Looking forward to the next edition.

    Your friend,

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