Baking Bread and Other Things

This afternoon I finally bake bread.  I usually bake bread every week or so, but this past month had lots going on, so I ended up just buying bread instead.  But this afternoon, I decided to make bread and fresh bread smells so delicious!  My little boy likes to watch the Bosch and today he was carrying his little bunny around, so bunny had to see it too.

Such a funny grin, but a happy little boy. 
I was washing dishes and our youngest came up
and stood on the stool to watch me.

While I was making the bread I was also correcting some school work and helping our oldest with some of her school work.  Earlier in the afternoon I had a midwife appointment, just to listen for the baby’s heartbeat.  I had seen her a couple of weeks ago, but it was still to early to hear it.  Today, we heard it almost right away, loud and clear!  I’m so thankful and hearing that little heart beating makes pregnancy all the more real.  Such a blessing!

Other precious moment today was when my little boy, the same one in the above pictures, looked up at me so sweetly and told me that he was sad that great Opa died and that we will never see him again until Heaven.  Then he went on to tell me that Jesus is in Heaven.  So precious to hear from a little one.  I wasn’t sure how much he would understand, since he is only three, but he was at the viewing and funeral and he seemed to know what was going on.  He has such a tender heart.  Which reminds me, not long ago, the four older ones stayed over night at my parent’s home.  They just love doing that!  Anyway, the next day, when we saw the children again, I told him how baby was looking around the house for them.  She had been looking around the house and was crying a bit, just because I think she was lonely and wondering where her sisters and brothers were.  So little boy asked me if baby was crying when looking for him and I told him she had cried a little and he burst into tears.  He was so heart broken that his baby sister missed him.  Again that was precious.   We mothers are so blessed.

10 thoughts on “Baking Bread and Other Things

  1. Mmmmm, the bread looks wonderful! That is on my list for tomorrow. Isn't it neat how happy it makes everyone to have the smell of homemade bread in the house!


  2. Such cute photos! Moments like that are what make life so precious ~ especially when you hear your children talk of Jesus. I love it when my kids understand things at such a young age – it makes homeschooling and everything else we live for worth it!

  3. ohh how I love this post! I was recently diagonsed as pre diabetic and had to cut out bread.. oooh how I miss it!

  4. This post was a blessing to read! Homemade bread, the miracle of medicine that we can hear a preborn baby's heartbeat(!!!!) and sweet tender heart of a child.

    Thanks for sharing with us:)

    Linda C

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