Memories From Europe – Part 5 – Czech Republic

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Today’s "walk down memory lane" will be about our time in Czech Republic during our trip to Europe in May 2005.  After our time in Salzburg, Austria, we made our way to good friends of ours in Czech Republic.  On route we drove for a bit in Slovakia.  We arrived at the Czech Republic border around 10:00pm at night and that was the only border who gave us a hard time.  They had us wait there for about 1/2 hour and they were even on the phone at one point, thankfully they let us continue on.  Our friends had given us basic directions to their place, but we couldn’t find the village in which they lived.  We saw some people waiting at a bus stop, so my husband stop and went and asked them for directions to the town where our friends lived.  The two of the people lived in the very town and knew right where our friends lived.  What blessed words to hear.  We gave them both a ride to the town and they showed us right where to go.  That was just another time the Lord was so good to us on our trip!  We had a wonderful time visiting with our friends and seeing the sites around the area. 

Some neat birds! 

We took a train ride just to see a different view of the country and plus our children had not been on a train before.  In Czech Republic our children had a train, bus and subway ride all for the first time.

Just a quaint little street.

In Prague, a statue of John Huss
The neat clock in Prague, we were even there at 3:00pm and saw it do all the neat things.  The 12 disciples come out on the top of the hour and I can’t remember all what else this clock does.

My family and I on a busy street in Prague.

Here we just turned around and this was what we had been facing before.

All the red roofs!

I really enjoyed seeing the old architecture in Europe.  Just so beautiful!!  Our friend took us to his home town as well and we had a tour through this really old palace type place.  When our friend was young, he and his friends would go in the place using a"secret" door.  It was really interesting to hear about his adventures!  We had a great time with friends and saw many lovely sights.  We stayed a week with them.  Next week will conclude our trip to Europe.

13 thoughts on “Memories From Europe – Part 5 – Czech Republic

  1. Another fun post with your memories of Europe!
    This was an amazing trip for you all. I am happy that you took all of these wonderful pictures that you are sharing with us.
    Looking forward to the next jaunt!
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. Other countries are just so intriguing. The architecture, climate, landscape…I just want to experience them! The Czech Republic looks just as amazing as all the other places you visited.

    The pictures are beautiful.

  3. Wow! Stunning! My Great-Grandmother is from the Czech Republic and I would LOVE to visit there! Maybe someday ~ Your photos are so beautiful! 🙂 It looks like it was such a fantastic trip!

  4. What a beautiful trip.I love God's grace. How you and those you met where there to meet each others needs. How much more fantastic can you get than that.

    Blessings Always
    Raye Ann @ Heart of the Home

  5. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. I've never been, but your pictures certainly make me want to visit.


  6. Tanya, your photos are beautiful! My sister and her family lived in Slovakia last year. Congratulations on your upcoming baby! I hope you will continue to feel better. Thinking of you as you continue to miss your dear Opa.

    Thanks for stopping by to see me today on Weds. Walk! Blessings, Laura

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