House Building Update #17

Finally another new house update!  I just check and it was Jan 20/09 when I did the last update and a lot has changed since then. The whole main part of the house is dry walled and painted.  The kitchen is in and it is lovely. We laid tile down in the kitchen and foyer, my husband is/was putting those down.  He just needs to lay a few more in the foyer and then grout it there.  We had the kitchen and eating area done just in time for the new kitchen. Today hardwood was being laid upstairs.  We decided to have hardwood and area rugs, no wall to wall carpet in this house.  The hardwood is being put down by others. 

So here are some pics of the kitchen!   I have such a lovely view from this window.  There will be so much cupboard space too.  We have 9′ ceilings, so you can imagine how tall these are.  Some places I will need to use a stool, but that will be for things I need, but don’t use that often.  LOL  Excuse the dust….

The other side, I have a lovely desk, and two big pantries and the fridge is along this wall.

My lovely island!  I’m really looking forward to enjoying this.  It is so big and spacious!

Our eating room floor.  My husband designed and did this all himself, I did help a little, but mostly kept him company.

Most of the stone is done on this part of the house.  This is the garage and where my parents will be living once it is finished inside.  We will be sharing the main part of the house for a few months.

This pictures was taken a couple of weeks ago, now the stone is just to the top of the windows.  We have been having some cooler weather, so the brick layer hasn’t been able to do as much, since it is not all tarped in like he had it during the cold winter months. 

Anyway, we are seeing the end coming in view.  Still lots to do, but we are getting there.  This had been such a big project and taken so much of my dear husband’s time.  God has been good and we are so blessed.  We will have so many memories with this house.

Next time I’ll update with pictures of the new floor in the bedrooms, I hope to see that tomorrow. 

Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. Ps. 127:1

16 thoughts on “House Building Update #17

  1. How glorious! I think it would be so wonderful to build your house! It is beautiful ~ and the kitchen is looking so lovely! I love the tile and the eating room! You are doing such a beautiful job!!! Have a great night!

  2. The house looks GREAT, Tanya! What a blessing for your family! Kitchen islands are so useful and your hubby did a wonderful job on the floor! 😀 How are you feeling, btw?

    Say, I gave you a blog award…check out my site for details! 🙂
    God bless!
    Amy from

  3. I love, love, love that kitchen! It is such a beautiful house :)! After six months of unsuccesful house hunting we are seriously considering having one built as well. Not our "forever house" yet but something big enough and functional enough to get us through several years until Lord-willing we move out-of-state. The kitchens we are finding in resale homes look like they came out of a shoebox!

  4. How exciting!!! You are doing everything I wish we had added or done but not thought to do!!! (desk, pantries, tile, no carpet!!!) Looks beautiful!!! I know it is hard and long but you will be living there soon!!!


  5. Hello Tanya! I finally took the time to find out about this "Tanya" that is following the blog I do for my nephew Gerad! And lo, and behold, it's you! What a blessing! I didn't know you blog, too! What a fun way to keep in touch! I will be sure to visit often! What a beautiful home you will have! You must be so excited! I am for you anyway!
    God bless!

    Love, tante Bou (becky)

  6. Its looking lovely! How wonderful that your husband can do this work! I would love if my dh knew how and was able. What an incredible blessing.

    I understand why you want wood floors in all the house. I'd like to go that way too. With many children, its easier to clean and keep hygienic. No odors from plastic leaching into the air either. Great discision.

    Looks beautifull too!


  7. Beautiful home!!!!! Is that granite countertops?

    I'd never go back to carpet! It's horrible!! And all those chemicals leaching into our bodies! Hardwood flooring and tile are the only ways to go!

  8. What a wonderful blessing! I LOVE the stone on the exterior and your kitchen is spectacular! Hope you will get to move in very soon.:)


  9. I love your house! And I love the story of the rock. How neat to keep it in the family – and always remember your dad carrying it back to the car from the beach. 😉

    Your life is so interesting and charming. I love to read your Wednesday's Walks.

    Your friend,

  10. Hey there,
    Your house is AWESOME!!! I love it!!! I really like your kitchen!!! If you have some time I would love some tips on my new kitchen. We are talking about putting ceramic tile but lots of people are saying don't do, however we will have heat in our floors sooooooo we'll see. And I really like your cabinets and island. I have been dreaming of my island too:)

    I really LIKE your dining room floor. I showed my dh your picture of what your dh did and he was very impressed. (my dh has hung stone and done flag stone for patios' etc for a long time) . Thanks for the ideas:):)

    Any pointers you have for me would be great:) I also love your website. So nicely done and your pictures are awesome!!!


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