Open Windows

Today is such a beautiful day here.  It is a bit windy, but it is warm enough to have the windows open!  After a week of sickness abounding here in the house, it is a good feeling to have fresh air sweeping through the house.  First baby came down with a fever last Monday, so I spent most of the day holding her, since that is about all she wanted. By Tuesday evening she was her usual self.  R. came down sick with a fever on Tuesday and just today is up and around and being her usual self.  Right now just my oldest daughter is sick with a fever.  So far the boys have not gotten sick, but I wonder what next week will bring.   We did really well this past winter with avoiding any sickness, so I guess I can’t complain.  It is just wonderful to see children up and running around again. 

This is what my clothes line looks like today, the towels won’t be stiff with the lovely breeze!

 I washed this quilt recently and hung out, but of course a little bird had to leave his/her mark, so I hope today it stays clean!  If not, I give up and will wash again and throw it into the dryer. 

It was so good to see baby up and eating again, here she is eating from a rather large bowl for one her size.  She had finished eating her supper, but then came back and wanted to sit in big brother’s chair, she saw the popcorn bowl and decided she wanted some more.

With my girls being sick, I was reminded on how much they help me around here.  Today I finally got the house looking much better.  With having sick children, school with my oldest boy, jury duty,(which I hope I got out of) and some sewing the week just flew by.  I hope to post some sewing pictures next week.

Now I’m off to do a bit of baking and cooking for tomorrow. 

Have a lovely and a blessed weekend!

4 thoughts on “Open Windows

  1. I hope you are all better soon! Sickness in a big family seems to take FOREVER to get out of and I hope it's a speedy one for you!
    I love the spring breezes too!

  2. Sorry sorry about the sickness, Tanya! We have been blessed so far with nothing except a few sniffles here and there! I am hoping to keep in that way! What great photos…I took some daffodil photos the other day as well! I LOVE clothesline too…thanks for sharing a bit of your life this week! It is so encouraging to work right along side of other moms via blog world! 🙂 HEEHEE!

    Amy from

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