Making Your Home a Haven :Review and Check-up

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This week is our chance to re-evaluate and fine-tune.

Wake up time has not been going as I planned and hoped.  I will need to work harder on this one.  I do have an good excuse I think for this past week, since I was dealing with sick children all week which made for interrupted nights around here.

Morning Routine – not everything is getting done always.  Still need to fine tune that one. This is something I need to focus on and make and list for the fridge so that my girls know what I would like done before we sit done to school.

Evening Routine still need to be consistent, but we are working on it.

Bedtime is going quite well, I’m exhausted by 10p.m. and very ready for bed!  Like right now…

I’m still working on my attitude in regards to choosing love, it is amazing how when you think about it during the day, you see how much you need to grow in this area.  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness towards me.

I love hearing from you!!

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