Hiking, Waterfalls and Friends

One day last week, we spent one afternoon with friends and we went and saw two waterfalls.

Here is Tews Falls, not much water goes over this one,
but it sure goes a long way down.

Our happy little girl, she was quite fascinated with the view.

Websters Falls

Again, our little girl watching the rushing water pass by.

My sweet husband waving to us from the bridge.

Daddy and his baby girl

Just before we left for home, the children all waded in the stream. 
Baby really would have a liked to get in too,
but she was happy to a least get her hands in the water.

The children found this "gorilla face" on a root by a large willow tree.
It is a bit crooked…. 
We had a lovely afternoon hiking and visiting with friends we have not seen for a number of years
 and it is always a blessing to be out in God’s creation.

9 thoughts on “Hiking, Waterfalls and Friends

  1. i love hikes! there is something about it that clears my mind!
    baby girl looks very content jus to "hang out":)

  2. Just wanted to let you know, I'm having a giveaway…you'll have to scroll down a little bit if you are interested! Hurry over…it ends tomorrow night!


  3. It looks like you had a delightful time together as a family. The falls looked very interesting and it was so sweet that the baby girl was so enamored by them πŸ™‚ I am glad you had a good Memorial Day Weekend.

    Because of HIS Grace,
    Maiden Princess

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