A Peek Into Our Afternoon Plus

This afternoon, after we cleaned up lunch and put baby down for a nap.  The boys and I went outside and planted some flowers in a few planters we have on our deck.   I didn’t get them all filled, but it was a good start and the boys had fun helping me.  We just need to purchase a few more flowers to fill two more planters.

My happy helpers

Delighted to plant!
N. wanted to take a picture of me, so here I am standing by one of the planters we filled.

After we did the flowers, the boys with a little help from me, tidied up the back yard and then N. brought out the lawnmower and I cut the grass in the backyard.  It was getting quite tall!  I was more then ready for a rest when I was done.   I had a little computer time, then I went out again and took the laundry down from the line.  Being able to use the clothesline again has been so nice, I really enjoy hanging out the clothes!  I have been able to stay on top of keeping the clean laundry put away.  I fold as soon as I take it off the line and then usually come and and put it all away with help from the children.

After supper was bath time for the younger children, K. was so cute after her bath and today was her first day in braids.   So precious!

Anyway, that is a little peek into our afternoon.  The older girls were helping daddy at the new house for the afternoon.  This morning, we did school, N. is doing so well with sounding out small words, I hope to keep working with him throughout the summer, I don’t want to loose what we have learned so far.  S. finished up her Science and Word Building today.  All that is left now is Math and Bible.  We will have to do a bit of Math and English through the summer, but everything else is good.  

Pregnancy wise, I’m doing well, praise God!  I have been doing pretty good with staying away from the sweets.  With my last baby I was borderline with gestational diabetes and baby K. was 10 lb 3oz at birth!  Our biggest baby yet!  I’m hoping that staying away from sweets and getting lots of protein will help this time.  I’m 20 weeks, seems like yesterday I saw the two lines on the pregnancy test.  I enjoy feeling the baby move more now, such a special feeling.  God is good.


Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
1 Thess. 5:16-18

4 thoughts on “A Peek Into Our Afternoon Plus

  1. What a wonderful update! It was nice to hear how your family is doing. Blessings to you during the pregnancy! Keep your smile, it is precious!

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