Haying Time

Where we have built our new house, we are on 46 acres of land.  We have a small hay field which my dad cut last week.  On Friday most of it was baled.  There was a chance of rain for today, but praise God it didn’t rain and we got the rest baled and picked up.  The pictures are all from today. On Friday, I was working in our new garden, which I will share about in a new post.  Anyway, I didn’t take to many pictures then. 
Our precious little daughter, she thought it was neat to stand on the hay wagon.
B. just loves riding in the tractor!!

He can’t wait until he is big enough to drive it.  

Here was something this pregnant mama could do….
drive the tractor while the others loaded up the hay. 
Just in case you are wondering the door was closed while I was driving. 
When I was driving the tractor, B. was telling me that he is a big boy, but that is because I said that only big boys could drive tractors.  bringing the hay has always been a fun thing to do.  When my parents first bought the farm when I was 17, we had a bigger hay field and it was fun, but yes, lots of hot, hard work.   Now over the years, I haven’t always been able to help, but I still love the smell of freshly cut hay and enjoy the times I am able to help.   I’m a country girl!! 

7 thoughts on “Haying Time

  1. Great pictures! What a blessing to be able to work the ground, as God intended – and to have so many acres! Praise the Lord! Looks like you all had lots of fun! Love the pictures

  2. Wow – 46 acres! That is a lot of land!

    The pictures are cute ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope you are feeling well!

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