Sewing with the Girls

One day this past week, the sewing machines came out and we sewed up 3 skirts.   For these skirts, I don’t have a pattern, but I just measure the girls, decide on the length, draw the skirt and then cut!  So simple and fast.  

Here R. is sewing the hem on the ruffle with brother watching her. 

S. is also sewing the hem on her ruffle with little brother watching.
When the sewing machines come out, the boys are right there to watch!

The delighted girls.  S. did most of the sewing on her skirt. 
I sewed up the pink skirt for R. and then she did some sewing on her blue skirt,
but I finished it up for her. 
The skirts turned out really pretty and we hope to sew up a few more next week, they are all cut out and just waiting to be sewn together.   It was an enjoyable afternoon! 

8 thoughts on “Sewing with the Girls

  1. Looks fun! My boys also enjoy the sewing machine…the older ones sew their pj's and the little ones love to sit in my lap! I can't imagine not using a pattern!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. It was fun to get so many comments! I found your website after looking at the other two blogs. I guess you can't relate to my "I don't sew" confession. 🙂
    I noticed your ergo baby carrier (at least thats what it appears to be from the picture). I loved mine!
    I will likely be checking in again as we will be homeschooling (trailer schooling) for the first time this winter as we load up our camping trailer and head to Mexico. It will be a new thing for this mom.

    Your family is beautiful.


  3. What cute skirts! I'm sure your girls were very excited about them. I need to start doing some more sewing with my girls. Lately I've been in such a hurry I just do it myself–but I know how important it is to teach them. 🙂


  4. I should do a post showing you all how I can do this without a pattern… it is very simple!

    Danielle, good for you with having your boys sewing. That is great!

    Carla, yes, that is my ergo and I do love it! 🙂

    Joy, I understand, I do that too.

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