Strawberry Jam and Other Things

We have had some busy days here. 

Last week we went strawberry picking twice, I turned most of them into jam, I froze some and then the rest of the berries we feasted on.  I hope to go picking at least a couple of more times this week, hopefully we can go in between the rain showers.  My goal is to make 52 jars of jam and have a few bags of yummy berries in the freezer.  Strawberry jam is the all time favourite around here!  This was the first summer that B. (3) helped pick the berries and he so enjoyed it and filled a basket almost all by himself, he let me and only me help him top the basket off.  K. (1) enjoyed eating the berries and walking down the rows near us.   The older girls were a great help, I wish now I had taken my camera out into the fields to take a few pictures, hopefully next time!  I see now I don’t have pictures of my girls helping here.  On a different note, I was thinking while picking the strawberries, that this is my third summer to be pregnant during the whole summer,  this being our third baby to be due in the early fall.    I don’t mind at all, just thought it was interesting.  

My mom, the girls and boys hulled all the berries and then they took turns mashing them for jam.  N. and B. were such a great helpers and stayed with the job until it was all done.

Here I am stiring the jam to keep it from burning.  I used my lovely new apron that I received from a dear MOMYS friend in our last apron swap.  Guess what fruit is on the apron……  strawberries!

Cooling jars of jam….

I have laundry hanging out on the line almost every sunny day!

One day last week, we had a thunderstorm pass over and this is what the sky looked like just before the rain came down.  We found out later that a tornado touched down about 15 minutes from us and destroyed a home. Thankfully the person inside the home was unhurt.   It is rare to have tornados around here. 

Anyway, a quick peek into last week.  I will do another post on our first trip to the lake this summer and fun in the sprinkler. 

 Summer is a pleasant season!

6 thoughts on “Strawberry Jam and Other Things

  1. Thank you! πŸ™‚ Yes, we do have a lovely view from our kitchen window. We live in a tiny town, but are blessed to have pasture land right behind our property.

  2. Amy, I follow the recipe on my pectin package. I use "No Sugar needed Fruit Pectin Crystals" madeby Bernardin

    I can find this in the grocery store. With this pectin you can use as much or as little sugar you want. This is my first summer using it and it works well. I was using Pomona's Universal Pectin before, but it is hard to get.This is pretty much the same thing and works just as well. I also steam can the jams after I fill them with the hot jam.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!

    Have fun in the apron exchange!Edited by Lilyofthevalley4 on Jun. 29, 2009 at 8:46 PM

  3. Thanks Joy!! πŸ™‚

    I was hoping to pick more this week, but it has been wet and rainy everyday. Next week, it suppose to be sunny, so we hope I can get out there again.

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