Water Fun

It was very hot and humid here last week, so we enjoyed cooling off in the water.  The first thing the children enjoyed was running through the sprinkler.  K. (1) was not so sure and then when she felt the drops of water, she wanted far away from it.

She was very content to sit on the deck and watch the others have fun. 

Another evening we went and enjoy a few hours by Lake Erie.  The children and daddy cooled off in the water while K. and I stayed on the beach.  She didn’t even want to get her toes wet.  Maybe if I had been prepared to go out into the water she would have enjoyed it.  Hopefully next time I’ll go for a swim too and take her out in it.  Last summer I couldn’t keep her from crawling into the water, she just loved it. 

Then on another day, our neighbour invited us to swim in their pool, the children and I had a wonderful time.  K. was napping when we went, but I look forward to taking her next time we go.  This did give me a chance to play with B. and he just loved it!

We hope to enjoy many more days like this too, after our work is done of course! 

This week it is suppose to rain everyday….

6 thoughts on “Water Fun

  1. Yay for summer! Your youngest has changed so much! She's a beautiful little girl. So what do you do with all your kids on rainy days? Mine choose the rainy days to go wild, lol.

    Mama J.

  2. Rainy days can be hard! My children will get restless too, especially the two boys. They need time to run outside. ๐Ÿ™‚ So far today is lovely, I hope we will see more sun this week, than the weather first forecast. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good to hear from you, I need to pop over to your blog!

  3. How fun, Tanya! I haven't dragged out our pool yet and really need too…of course, we have the pond too! I really like your girls swimwear! Did you make them? I want to find something a little more modest for dd soon. Swimwear is so expensive especially like the boarder suits that are more modest! Like $40!!! YIKES! Looks like you guys have been having a great summer so far!

  4. Anna loved the water last summer as well. Then this summer when I tried to take her in the water she screamed…but 4 times later she is splashing and loving it again! Hopefully K will be the same way if you work with her a little bit!


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