Gardening – First Update

We have been spending some time out in the garden lately.  After we planted it, we got busy and we haven’t been there much.  My dad did do some tilling, but other than that, we were just waiting for the seeds to grow.  Things are coming along slowly, but nicely.  Today, I did some tilling and we weeded a few of the rows.  I also planted some cabbage plants and more onions.   Some pictures were from a couple of days ago and others were from today.

Today’s view of the front half of the garden from the side of our front porch

Second half
One of the first tomato blossoms

R. busy weeding the corn (taken a couple of days ago)

S. also weeding a row of corn
(taken a couple of days ago)
Yes, that is me tilling the garden today.

A few days ago when we were at the new house all day, I did some gardening, my husband was working on electrical in the house and my dad plus our little boys were cleaning up the small pieces of stone and brick from around the house.  B. was such a big help and of course he enjoyed all the tractor rides too.
Men at work!
This picture I took today, it is the view from my new kitchen window. 
The clouds looked really neat too.

You can read my first garden post here.   Today, the wind was a little cool, but it was great for working.   Just need to hill the potatoes and weed a bit more at the other end of the garden.  Then we are "done" for a little while.  I hope to then focus on the inside of the new house and prepare it for  moving in.  General cleaning needs to be done! 

But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
To him be glory both now and for ever.

2 Peter 3:18

2 thoughts on “Gardening – First Update

  1. You've been so busy! Your garden is looking very nice…I love all those shades of green! I can't believe you are tilling! I am so excited for you to be moving…what a lovely view from your kitchen!


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