A Horse And So Much To Learn

Having a our own horse has been quite the learning experience.  The girls have really enjoyed having Cinnamon and we have learned a lot and we are still learning.   I have now riden her and it was lovely, I just need to build my confidence around her now.  She is really good with S, our oldest daughter, but around me, she likes to put her ears back and will bit if given the chance.  Not good at all!!  So I need to let go of my fears and show her I am not afraid and that she needs to respect me.  I have worked with her and cleaned her hooves etc….  so I know it will come.  I have been reading up on horses and what to do in certain situations, so now it is just putting it all into practice.   

Here is S. with Cinnamon

R. and Cinnamon

8 thoughts on “A Horse And So Much To Learn

  1. Cinnamon sure is a pretty girl! I have a horse too so I know what you're going through. Mine was 2 when I got her and is now 8. I'm working through fear issues about getting back on her. You may want to look at John Lyons' website for support and help. This is a great horse community and you can learn alot from the people who post.
    If you have any questions you can always ask me and I can try to help. Please be careful if your horse bites. I know that the John Lyons discussion group can offer lots of good suggestions.
    I think horses are great for kids and moms too. My daughter has been around horses for a long time and learned early on that she had to respect the animal and treat it kindly. She is now working with me on training our horse and she is doing a good job. It's a great confidence booster for her.
    Good luck and don't hesitate to ask me questions.

  2. Cinnamon looks like such a sweet horse! I'm sure your family just loves her! πŸ™‚ Your children seem to be growing up so fast! Last time I was on your blog was summer I think. :O It sounds like you are all doing well and congratulations on the new baby! Such a sweet bundle! May you and your family enjoy this Thanksgiving!

    In Him,
    Maiden Princess

  3. Thanks for leaving me a comment! I enjoy them πŸ™‚

    Terrill, thanks for the link, I have already checked it out. πŸ™‚

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