Our Hike In The Woods

This afternoon while the little ones slept and daddy had a rest, the older four children and I went exploring in our own woods.  When I gave the suggestion, it was met with cheers! 
First stop was to say hi to Cinnamon and Flicka – Flicka is our friends horse.

They started to follow us for a bit. 

The pond on our neighbour property. I use to skate on this pond when in my teens.  🙂  At that time my parents owned it.

Our happy 6yr old son.

Our bouncy 4 yr son….

Entering the woods, we followed a deer path most of the time.  The woods are just full of deer paths!
At one time it took us through what reminded me of the slough in Pilgrim’s Progress.  Our woods backs onto some wetlands.

R. sitting on a vine

My big girl

Our four young explorers…

Geese flying overhead
R.’s first response to the water is, "I wouldn’t want to swim in there, looks like an alligator pond."  🙂

Just after we left the woods, we heard a rustling in the tall grass beside us, there was this wild turkey trying to get away through the fence.  If you look hard you can see the turkey in this picture.

On our way home!
It was an enjoyable hike and the children hope to do it again soon.    God is so good.

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