Skating Fun

This winter we have been able to enjoy lots of skating!  We went once a week for five weeks with our home school group at a local arena back in Nov and Dec.   Since then we have enjoyed skating on our neighbour’s pond, which has been great.  Sometimes it was cold, but we all had a delightful time.  These pictures were taken from the different times we have gone.

First time skating on the pond for this little boy.

Our second oldest daughter

Our firstborn

Big brother and “baby” sister

Little brother and baby sister

Mama and “baby” girl

Skaters and my dad is shoveling the snow

This boat looks a little forlorn…..  waiting for warmer days…

When we went this time, there was lots of snow on the ice, so we just made pathways through it.

Our Amish neighbours were taking ice off one end the pond.  That was fun to watch, we had never seen that done before!

The littles ones enjoyed riding on the shovel!  I love hearing them having such fun.

Our sweet daughter!  She just loves the outdoors… A girl after her mama’s heart. 

It has been wonderful to enjoy times with the childern, They are with us for such a short time.  God is good!

I love hearing from you!!

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