Little Sister’s New Baby Plus

Jan. 28, 2010Little Sister’s New Baby Plus

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Today big sister made little sister a new baby doll.  Little sister was thrilled and has been carrying it around all day and being such a good little mama.  Must be fun to be a big sister and make little things for little sister and see her have so much fun with it.   The little bag is filled with items needed to care for baby doll… 

The little bag is filled with items needed to care for baby doll… 

In other news, I have been busy here keeping up with school, sewing and such.  I had a number of items cut out like swimmsuits for my big girls, skirts for them as well and jumpers for my little girl and a couple of skirts for myself.  I was blessed with some help from friends and we had a sewing bee and got skirts and the swimsuits for the girls sewn, plus the jumpers.  It was a fun day and I was thankful for the help!  I was wondering how I was going to fit in all  that sewing.    Still have a list of sewing projects, but not as long as before!

Here I was trying to get some sewing done, baby was not content to lay in the carriage, so I placed him in my lap, tied a scarf around us and he was happy to watch me sew!  Worked well…  He was back far enough so no little fingers could be sewn.

Our baby is doing so well and such a happy, smiling baby boy!  He is so sweet, such a precious gift he is!

School is going well, if I can stay caught up to the marking.  My grade one student is reading too.  He is my challenging one, one I pray for often!  For me and him…  He loves learning, but is very hard on himself when he does wrong.  When he is happy, school goes very well.  The girls are learning and doing well, math is still a struggle, but we are managing.    They are very good about doing their school and if we will be having an extra busy day the next day or needing to be out, they will often on their own, do school for the next day.  Has been working out well.

A neat picture I took this evening, you can see the snow coming down from these clouds.

 I am busy, but oh, so blessed!

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