A Meaningful Song For Mothers

I just saw today that I never posted this…  So here it is out of the draft pile.

I recently heard this song for the first time and I was so blessed and encouraged.  It was just what I needed to hear.  Sometimes I feel like all I do is change diapers, clean the house, change diapers, keep the children in order and change diapers!    I wouldn’t change this season of my life for anything, but my days are full and busy!  This just renewed my courage and vision.  I am so grateful to be a mama to six beautiful children.

I also found it on played  here on youtube when I was looking for the lyrics.  I think any mama can relate.


A Song for Mothers
Words and Music by Abigail Miller © 2003

I think this is the hundredth time I’ve said, “Don’t slam the door,”
And I know I’m getting tired of sweeping Cheerios off the floor.
There’s peanut butter on the kitchen curtains I just made,
And finger-printed windows in every room where they have played.
Sometimes I feel like changing diapers is all I’m living for,
But Lord when I’m before You, I know there’s ever so much more.
Please help me to remember these words that You have said,
That I may see my children through Your eyes.

Chorus: Whatever you do unto one of the least of these,
You have done it unto Me.
A cup of cold water, a kiss on the knee,
Whatever you do, you’ve done it unto Me.

There are toys everywhere I look, there’s laundry in the hall,
There are schoolbooks in the kitchen, colored pictures on the wall,
Sometimes I grow to envy those whose house is always clean,
Who have time to do the projects of which I can only dream,
Sometimes it seems like motherhood is a never-ending chore,
But Lord, when I’m before You, I know there’s ever so much more,
Help me to see that everything I do can be a way
To offer up my services to You.


“Suffer the little children to come unto Me,”
Like little children is what You wanted us to be,
There’s so much that we can learn, dear Lord,
When we see our children through Your eyes.


Whatever you do unto one of these, you’ve done it unto Me.
Whatever you do, you have done it unto Me. h


P.S This was a post that was “lost”, so my comments are gone, but like I said I’m thankful to have the post.  🙂

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