Mar. 10, 2010Baking Muffins

Posted in Homemaking
I know it has been a while since I have shared any baking pictures. So today I decided  while I and the children were making muffins, that I would take the opportunity to take pictures as well.  Baking times in the kitchen when the children are happy and helping nicely are very precious and sweet to me.  I had wanted to make these muffins since  we first had them on our recent trip, while visiting with a dear friend and her family.  They were so delicious!  So today after I maded bread and my three younger ones all had naps, we pulled out the MOMYS cookbook and set to work.

Here are three kitchen helpers I had today.

Mixing the wet ingredients.

Even K. had a turn dumping a spoonful of spices.  She and B. took turns and she was delighted to be of help.  🙂

Baby M. sat contently in his seat, he is such a joy to have!

Boys busy putting the mixed ingredients in the muffin cups.  I had the boys use icecream scoops and it worked well. I learned this by watching my friend do the very same thing with her daughter last week.

Happy children…

The end results and it all smells so good!
Applesauce Muffins and
100% Whole Wheat Bread in the background.

Just a note, I’m planning to share more about our trip as soon as I have a chance.
You all gave excellent guesses and some are right!

The Lord is so good.

I love hearing from you!!

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