Simplifying for Sanity #1 The Boy’s Bedroom

Mar. 15, 2010Simplifying for Sanity #1 The Boy’s Bedroom
Posted in Homemaking

I have joined Lynnette in  simplifying, cleaning out and organizing! Last week’s project was to clean the living room or a bedroom.  I chose a bedroom, since we had sick ones and we had just gotten back from a two-week trip the week before. Also, last but not least, I also wanted something “easy” to tackle.  Ok, just being honest here!

So here is a before picture.  A note: the house is new and we are still not finished it, so no trim around windows, baseboards or closet doors!  I was waiting for trim around windows to be done before I hung curtains, but I just might go ahead and start deciding on curtains.
They make a room so cozy and homey like.
Another before pic…
My oldest son helped wash the windows and vacuum out all the bugs.
Looks so much better and restful!
Same for here.

If it would only stay this way ALL THE TIME!  lol 

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