Simplifying for Sanity #2 – Living Room

Mar. 22, 2010Simplifying for Sanity #2 – Living Room

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I have again joined Lynnette this past week in simplifying, cleaning out and organizing! Last week’s project was to clean a bedroom and or a closet.  Well, I decided to tackle the living room.  As you can see from the first few pictures, it sure needed attention too.  While the two littlest ones napped and the boys played outside, my two big girls and I set to work.  We set the timer for an hour and we were able to accomplish a lot in that one hour.

I decided that if Lynnette could share what was under their couch,
I could share what we found under ours!   What a mess!

So much better now….

Now a tidy living room.  I need to decide what kind of curtains to hang too.
Can’t wait to see curtains on the windows!!
Window frames and trim still needing to be done…

My husband would like to build a nice looking wood box, for now we use a cardboard box, it is not the prettiest thing, but it works!  So looks sort of messy still in that spot by the woodstove.

I washed all the windows,(not the same day) except the one behind the keyboard, will do that as soon as we move the keyboard out to the school room. Everything was dusted too.  A new house has so much dust!! I can also honestly say, the living room has been staying pretty neat too.  It has been so relaxing to sit in a neat and tidy room for family worship time. 
This mama needs one room in the house to stay tidy!

Happy Spring cleaning!!
Oh, on another note…  What would you do for curtains??  As you can see we have lots of windows! We want to keep it bright and cheery.  Any suggestions or thoughts?  Thanks!!

I love hearing from you!!

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