Trip Pictures – Part 2

Mar. 28, 2010Trip Pictures – Part 2
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Once we left the Creation Museum, we headed to Florida, stopping for the night in Georgia.  I missed seeing Tennessee in the daylight.  Even though it was dark, it looked like it was pretty.  🙂  We left the snow behind in Tennessee too.Our first morning in Florida!

We spent the morning at Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park.  We went on the boat and had a lovely ride, it was a little cool, so the wildlife stayed in hiding, but it was still such a pretty and peaceful ride.  Almost felt like we were in the jungle.  🙂

A new manatee…

I was hoping to see these creatures out in the wild, but we never did go down to the keys.

K. was fascinated by the turtle, she spent a long time just watching it!  So sweet!

Pretty birds…

From Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park, we drove to a camp.  We attended a Family Campmeeting and it was so encouraging.  The meetings are for families and their relationships to each other and to God.  We were blessed!  Some of the topics were Empowered Choices, Preparing our Finances,
Practical Helps for Parents, Daddy and Daughter and others.  Another fun thing at camp was the family freeze tag, that was fun and even I played a few times, although it was hard for me to ever catch my girls, they can run to fast for this mama!  Once again, I’ll say we were so blessed during our time there!
This is a picture of the the chatels nestled in among the trees.   I thought the moss looked so pretty, even though I know the moss must kill the trees.

Our comfortable chalet…

The theme song for Family Campmeeting was O Family be Faithful, I have copied the words below.  Such a meaningful song!

O Family be Faithful

O father, be faithful, As priest of the home
To lead it and guard it, Your precious, your own
O mother prove faithful, God’s grace will suffice
In temptation and trail, You can be like Christ
O fam’ly be faithful, Be steadfast be sure
Through faith we may truly endure

O brother be faithful, In service of God
You are daily in training for warfare aboard
O brother prove faithful, The battle is nigh
Will you hold onto self, or to self will you die?
O fam’ly be faithful, Be steadfast be sure
Through faith we may truly endure

O sister be faithful, In that which is near
In the school life and the home life, God’s Word to adhere
O sister prove faithful, So much is a stake
Your service at home, May hell’s armory shake
O fam’ly be faithful, Be steadfast be sure
Through faith we may truly endure

O fam’ly be faithful, To watch unto prayer
God will lead you and will guide you, with utmost of care
O fam’ly prove faithful, The Lord’s on your side
Take courage, take hope and in Him now abide
O fam’ly be faithful, Be steadfast be sure
Through faith we may truly endure
~Written by L. Leffler

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