Trip Pictures – Part 3

Mar. 28, 2010Trip Pictures – Part 3

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Please read Part 2 first… 

So here are some pictures from our time at Siesta Beach in Florida.  We have precious memories of playing in the sand and water and walking along the shore. It was so wonderful, we really enjoyed our time there.

Baby’s first “dip” in the ocean, he cried once the cold water touch his tiny toes.

Oldest and youngest daughters

The ocean is so much fun!

Walking along the shoreline…  I found myself looking down for shells, so I had to remind myself to look up and take in the beauty around me.  I wanted to remember it all and not just the sand.

More fun in the water, it was a bit rough the second day, so we spent most of the time just playing in the sand and getting our toes wet.

I almost find it hard to believe my oldest is so big!
Where has the time gone??

Happy little “bay”

A sleeping baby boy…  He had a long nap out on the sand.  We were right beside the lifeguards stand, so I had a bit of shade to lay the baby down in.  He was exhausted and slept over two hours.

What my hubby was busy making in FL

We had gone for a walk along the shore and when we came back, others had added to my hubby’s creation.

A tiny lizard

One evening we went for a lovely walk along a trail.  Robinson trail, I think it was called.  It was a pleasant walk, manatees are known to come to the waters by this trail, but it was cool, so we didn’t see any.

Anyway, that is a bit more about our trip.  I am hoping to print our pictures soon and create a scrapbook while the memories are all still fresh.  Just need the time to do these kind of projects!  Our trip will be concluded in the next part.

Blessings my friends! 

I love hearing from you!!

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