Copy Cat – Too Cute

Mar. 29, 2010Copy Cat – Too Cute

Posted in Family

Our sweet little two year old daughter is such a copy cat, it is so sweet to witness!  The other day I was out buying some groceries with just baby and missy(one of my pet names for her)  and she saw me placing items in the shopping cart, so she placed items in too!  I would put them back as I saw her do it and then give her something we needed to put in the cart instead. When I was emptying the cart at the cashier, there was a container of ready made icing, which I didn’t notice her placing in the cart!  Maybe she wanted me to bake a cake!  LOL  Also recently, I was at the Dollar Store with the girls and baby and it wasn’t until we were at the cashier, when we noticed she had her hands full!  Anyway, now about the picture.  Yesterday, I was making lunch and missy was up on the island watching me, my husband came home and placed his hat on her as he walked by.  She then noticed a picture of herself when a baby on the fridge and was soon coping it!  Too cute!!

You are such a joy, Missy!!
We love you!

I love hearing from you!!

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