Simplifying for Sanity #3 – Dining room

Mar. 29, 2010Simplifying for Sanity #3 – Dining room

Posted in Homemaking

I have once again joined Lynnette this past week in simplifying, cleaning out and organizing! Last week’s project was to clean the Dining Room or a Bedroom.  I chose to do the dining room and to be honest I never got to doing it until yesterday.  We had an extra busy week last week.

A before picture of our Dining Room, I didn’t really take to many pictures this week. So just imagine the windows all sparkling.  LOL

So in the dining room, I washed all the windows.  Dusted the table that the toaster sits on.

A before pic of the hutch…  All the aprons were washed too!
(That’s what you see hanging in the corner there)

An after pic, looks so much better.  I just need to give the plants above some tlc, that’s on my list for this week.

So, not must to show, but it is a nice thought to know the windows are washed and the hutch all dusted.  This week’s project will be a much bigger one. 

Happy spring cleaning!!

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