School Days

Apr. 15, 2010School Days

Posted in Homeschooling

B. is so happy here because he just wrote his first B’s!!   He did quite well too!

Another happy one, she loves to be at the table with us and do some colouring


My challenging student.  This one keeps me on my knees.
He is reading well and doing well with school, it is mainly his attitude that is a challenge, but with God all things are possible.  I just seek the Lord and ask Him for wisdom on how to teach and train this dear boy.

Our sweet daughter, she is doing well, still struggles a bit with math and spelling,
but over all doing well.


This keeps me busy!!

I didn’t get a picture of our oldest, she is in grade seven.  Math is still a struggle, but she has applied herself this week, which has really encouraged me.

We are working towards being done school the first or second week of May.  I will be doing a bit of school with  N. throughout the summer, but it will be wonderful to have a bit of a break and have time to be outdoors and do other things!

I love hearing from you!!

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