Trip Pictures – Part 1

Mar. 17, 2010Trip Pictures – Part 1
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You all gave some excellent guesses in regards to where we may have been!!  The beginning of our trip began in KY. at the Creation Museum.  It was our first time visiting there and we were so amazed and blessed by our time there.  The children enjoyed it and we all learned so much. We left home on Sunday, February 14, it was a pleasant day and clear.  As we were driving along, my husband checked the weather for KY on his blackberry and discovered that a snow storm was expected to arrive around midnight that very night and it was not going to stopped until 6 am Tuesday morning!  When I heard that I was beginning to be afraid that the museum was going to be closed that Monday and we were going to be stuck in the area with not much to do, except watch the snow fall.  It was hard to believe a storm was coming, because as we were driving and night began to fall, we could see the stars!  We arrived at our hotel and settled down for the night and still no snow.
Monday morning, when I looked out it was snowing and it was snowing hard and had been for some time. It was the kind of day you would want to stay home and go no where!  We ready ourselves for the day and checked online to see if the museum was still open.  Still open, so off we went.  We had to drive slowly and carefully and all the while, I am praying that the museum would still be open and we will be able to enjoy the day there.  We arrive and all was well.  Not long after being there, we were told that the museum was on a level two, so we could be told anytime that the museum was going to be closed.  In spite of all that, we did have an amazing day.  The Planetarium was awesome!!  We are such a tiny speck in “whole” universe and yet, God cares so deeply for us.   “When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;  What is man, that thou art mindful of him?” Ps.8:3&4a  Since we had purchased a year pass, we decided to come again the next day and not continue on our trip until Tuesday evening.  There was so much information to read and we wanted to be able to learn all we could  The children were delighted with that plan!  Also because of the storm, we had the museum basically to ourselves.

So here we are, just arrived!


Our oldest was a big help in taking care of the littler ones.

Part of the Garden of Eden, which was the children’s favourite spot!

Looking at what Noah’s Ark may have looked like.  It was quite the ark!

All the children had a “ride”, I’m just not going to bore you all with the pictures. 

Anyway, visiting the Creation Museum was a wonderful beginning to our trip. From there, we headed to Florida!  After our time in Florida, we made our way to South Carolina to visit good friends, with a stop in Savannah, Georgia on the way.   Virginia was our next stop, then home!!  I will be sharing more in other posts, but my computer time is
over for baby just woke up from his nap. 

I love hearing from you!!

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